ADJ Industries Inc.About Us

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is obtained by a team approach.

ADJ Industries Inc. was incorporated in 2016 with the intention to re-acquire the business interests of CoorsTek Engineered Metals (CTEM), formerly operating as Advance Manufacturing Technologies Inc. (AMTI). After exiting the manufacturing industry in 2012, Andrew Charabin, the founder of AMTI, has enjoyed growing the ADJ group of companies with focus on ADJ Holdings Inc., and ADJ Florida Inc. which conducts business in aviation, real-estate development, and private lending.

ADJ Industries Inc., the future extension of Advance Manufacturing Technologies Inc., specializes in machining, welding and fabrication. Led by an experienced management team, ADJ services the rail, defense, construction, mining, and energy industries. With diverse equipment, ADJ is very versatile in their capabilities for servicing customers with efficient, low cost, and total reliable service.

Quality Assurances

ADJ Industries Inc. has the ability to provide their customers with efficient, low cost, total reliable service while we continue to develop innovative ideas through continuous improvement methods.

This is obtained by monitoring processes and the service provided. A commitment to customer satisfaction is obtained by a team approach of all our employees.


Building #1: 2068 Piper Lane, London Ontario Canada, N5V 3N6  |  519-455-4065
Building #2: 290 Sovereign Road, London Ontario Canada, N6M 1B3  |  519-453-5999